About Us

A comfortable place for elders – Cera.

Cera is a place that caters to elderlies. It is a conducive place for them live in and a place that could give them attention and care. We are the best place where you can trust the well-being of your parents and grandparents in. The owners of this place are actually two siblings who wanted to take care of their own parents even after they have they already have their own lives and their own priorities to think about. They do not want their parents to feel left behind so they hired people who can take care of their parents as they go through their adult life. They made sure to provide their parents with a comfortable place to live in and they assured that they are well cared for. A few years later, they thought of sharing the same care to other individuals who need the same for their parents. As such, they made this as an official home for the elderlies. They created a company and made the place available not just to their parents but to other people too.

What made them think about this is because they know that they are not the ones who struggle in taking care of elders especially when they are already a full-grown adult with families to prioritize. Since they were able to hire great people to take care of their parents, they decided to give that in Cera for others as well. It wasn’t an easy thing to do because there are so many processes they needed to undergo before they finally open Cera. However, in the end, they were able to overcome this and create such a great place for the elders.

Twenty years later and Cera continues to serve other people. They were able to create a better place and continue doing such an amazing job for those elders who are in need of care and treatment. The place only kept improving in the past years and the people here continue to do better than the years they started off. This made people trust Cera more and the owners would only want to keep it that way. They do not forget about improving more in order to provide the best services only for every family.