FAQs - I really love Cera

Is there any way to inquire about your place online? I wanted to ask a few things and I wonder if it would be possible to do so here on your website.

Hello! Thank you so much for sending us your message and question. Cera is always open for inquiries even on this website. You may check the tab saying ‘inquire now’ and send us your message or any questions that you have. You can also send us a message through email. We will make sure to reply to you either way so make sure to ask us anything you want!

Hello! I always thought about bringing my parents into this home care. Can I visit my parents anytime if I choose to let them stay in Cera?
Hi! Thank you so much for sending us your message. Yes, you are free to visit anyone in your family when you take them to Cera. We always thought that it will be better to let family members be free to visit anytime or as much as they can because elderlies crave for the care and attention from their own families as well.

Can I remove my family-members from this place anytime?
Hi! Thank you for your message. Yes, you can cancel the service from us anytime you want to cancel. All you need to do is to inform us about it so we can process the necessary documents.

QHi, I always wonder if you accept people who have special cases or problems? My mom is suffering from this sickness and I will only feel secure to leave her in Cera if I know you can handle her well.
Hello, thank you for thinking about trusting us. The Cera is open for people with different sickness as well and we are here to give assistance whenever it is needed. If you want to know about our staff or if you want to tell us what kind of situation your mom suffers from, you can send us a message.