Testimonials - I really love Cera.

I really love Cera. It makes me feel at ease to know that my mom is safe in this place and that she gets treated well. I visit here often when she first came to this place and I was glad to know that she loves the place too. These past few months I was unable to visit her as often as I could but I am glad that she is still treated the same way, if not better. Please take care of my mom more for me! Thank you, Cera.

Donna L.

My dad used to be so grumpy all the time and leaving him in this place did not make him feel any better. He was mad at me when I told him I’ve got to let him stay here but after three months, I’ve seen his progress and I am so happy to know he has slowly become calmer about the situation. In fact, I can even say that he loves it already. It was such a surprising thing but I am glad that the people in this place are able to make him calm and happier even if he wasn’t like that when he first came here. I am so thankful that they take care of him so much. I hope they keep doing a great job not just for dad but also for everyone in this place.
Winona P.

My grandmother used to say she would hate me if I would leave her in a place like Cera. However, because of many things I need to take care of, I had no choice but to leave her here. She was obviously not happy about it and did not even want to see me for months. However, it was great to see that she is slowly letting these things go. She said she is being treated well in this place and she only did not want to be left here at first because she thought they wouldn’t treat her good. But now she is having so much fun which is for the best.
Angelo D.